We like the Mitcham Maps

Anyone who finds themselves in central Mitcham with a bit of time to spare could do a lot worse than take a walk with one of the two new Mitcham Maps.

Both maps have a huge number of places of interst on them, and offer a couple of suggested walk as well as letting you simply wander around and learn about the amazing history and heritage of our area.

The maps include existing places and places that have disappeared for ever. The area covered runs from Figges Marsh to Mitcham Common, from Merton Abbey Mills to Mitcham town centre.

You should be able to find printed copies of the maps in various locations such as libraries, or you can download them from the Borough of Merton web site:

Upper Mitcham

Lower Mitcham

The maps have been produced by Volunteers from the Mitcham Society working with the London Borough of Merton

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