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Free guided walk and tea in the cricket pavilion on 20 September for Open House London

The Cricket Pavilion on Cricket Green will be open to the public between 10.00am and 4.30pm on Saturday 20th September as part of this year’s Open House London event.

The pavilion is locally listed and was built in 1904. It is packed with cricketing memorabilia.

Mitcham Cricket Club’s young players will put on a cricket match, and in the pavilion there will be an exhibition about Mitcham Cricket Club in World War I.

There will be refreshments and you can take tea on the pavilion balcony while watching the cricket.

At 2.30pm there will be a free guided walk taking in the diverse buildings and landscape within the Cricket Green Conservation Area.

All the details are on our Open House 2014 poster.

Cranmer School community use of school facilities and travel plan not up to scratch

Cranmer School at Cricket Green is expanding to help it cope with a rising demand for school places. When the school put in its planning application for new building in May 2013 to cater for a 50% rise in pupil numbers we were supportive, while expressing concern in two areas:

  • We wanted to see a strong travel plan. Even with pupil numbers before expansion there were considerable problems caused by the school run.
  • We wanted to see local people able to benefit from the use of school facilities so that good use could be made of them outside of school hours.

The school has applied for permission to ‘discharge’ or have accepted as complete, its work in both those areas. Sadly we do not feel it has done enough in either respect.

The travel plan fails to address problems caused by drivers dropping off and collecting children, which even before the school’s expansion include illegal parking and causing obstructions in residential roads. We believe the 50% rise in pupils will make these problems worse and that Cranmer School is not doing enough to address this.

We are very disappointed that ‘community use’ of the school’s new Multi Use Games Area, is restricted to a very narrow definition of ‘community’ and want to see this broadened. We also want to see wider access to the school’s facilities for the local community out of school hours.

We believe that Cranmer School, which is in the heart of a residential community, should reach out widely to everyone and think beyond its current, narrow definition of community.

Read our representation to Merton Council Cranmer School community use & travel plan September 14

Autumn 2014 Bulletin published

Our Autumn 2014 Bulletin is being distributed to homes around Cricket Green by our volunteers.

In this issue you can:

  • Find out more about our free audio trail
  • Learn about our £900 donation to Mitcham Cricket Club
  • Find out about the four sites shortlisted by the Mitcham Clinical Commissioning Group for the new Mitcham Local Care Centre and the role we are taking
  • Learn about the ‘phantom’ recycling centre by the Vestry Hall

And much more.

Download our Autumn 2014 Bulletin

Date Valley School planning application – our representation

The Date Valley School occupies Mitcham Court on Cricket Green.

The school wants to extend its opening hours Monday to Friday from the current 7.00am – 18.00pm to open much later – 7.00am to 22.00pm. It also wants to open on Saturdays from 8.30am to 5.30pm – it is currently closed on Saturdays. The school is currently a primary school, and wants to expand to offer adult education.

We feel that this is a predominantly residential area in the heart of the Conservation Area and its qualities need to be respected.

There are already many problems from traffic and parking which are being caused by the current intensity of use of the school and these are not being adequately addressed by the school’s travel plan.

There are pressures on the open space, including it being monopolised by the school during the term time and even infractions onto the historic cricket ground. The proposed extension of hours will take these pressures to a new level – into the weekend and outside daylight hours – and cross the boundary of acceptability.

We feel that this development will seriously erode the tranquility of this part of the Conservation Area and impact badly on the amenity of local residents. So we have put in a representation asking that the planning application is refused.

Read our representation: Date Valley School – extension of operating hours and use