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Brook House planning application to convert office into flats – our comments

A planning application has been submitted for Brook House – an office building on Cricket Green. The application is to convert the building into 46 flats.

A successful application last year got permission for 21 flats in this building. This new application more than doubles that number. It screams of a lack of understanding of local area.

Brook House lies on Cricket Green road – a street with access only at one end.

A planning application submitted by the Date Valley School – which is next to Brook House – for a Saturday school was refused in December last year in no small part because Merton Council’s own Environmental Health team were concerned about traffic volume and associated noise.

We contend that the addition of 46 new flats would add undue pressure to Cricket Green road and have a detrimental effect on the tranquillity of this part of Cricket Green Conservation Area.

Comments on the planning application can be made until 17 March. The application number is 15/PO671 – follow the link to submit your response.

Read our comments on the application to convert Brook House into 46 flats.

Join our special workshop on Friday 27th March

  • Find out more about your community rights
  • Nominate local buildings and open space as “assets of community value”
  • Use your voice to change Mitcham for the better

Mitcham Cricket Green Community & Heritage is running a special workshop to explore the potential of new community rights to make a difference to Mitcham.

This will run on the evening of Friday 27th March in the cricket pavilion – the first building in Merton to be listed as an asset of community value.  There was strong demand for the workshop at our recent Open Meeting.

We have teamed up with Civic Voice – the national charity for the civic movement – to run the event.

It will include a short walkabout, expert presentation and an opportunity for you to discuss and identify potential buildings and land to be recognised for their contribution to the community.  We will produce an action plan for Mitcham which identifies the buildings and land we most value.

It would be helpful to know if you will be joining us – please send an email to


5.00pm    Walkabout – meet opposite cricket pavilion
6.15pm    Welcome and introduction
6.20pm    Introduction to assets of community value
7.00pm    Group discussion of candidate buildings and land to be nominated
7.45pm    Selecting priorities and action plan
7.55pm    Next steps
8.00pm    Close

Please feel free to join us at 6.15 if you cannot make the walkabout.

The event will be run by Tony Burton (trustee, MCGC&H) and Sarah James (Civic Voice).

Read more about our successful campaign to have Mitcham Cricket Pavilion recognised as an asset of community value.

Bike shelter at old vicarage Church Road – our planning application response

A retrospective planning application has been made for a bike shelter at the Old Vicarage in Church Road. This Grade II listed building was converted into flats some years ago, and remains an important local landmark.

The bike shelter has been present for some time, the planning application has been made retrospectively because it was put up without planning permission.

We have objected to the planning permission. The bike shelter has been put in a very unsympathetic location – its roof is clearly visible from the road and it detracts significantly from the appearance of the building. We support more cycling in the local area, and in this case we think the bike shelter could be much more sympathetically located.

Read our comments on the vicarage bike shelter planning application

There are two planning applications associated with the bike shelter:

Application 14/P3702 is the retrospective planning application.

Application 15/P0156 is the application for listed building consent.

Comments can be made until 4 March at the links above, though Merton Council tends to accept comments made after the deadline date. You can comment on both applications at the same time as long as you quote both application numbers.