Brook House planning application to convert office into flats – our comments

A planning application has been submitted for Brook House – an office building on Cricket Green. The application is to convert the building into 46 flats.

A successful application last year got permission for 21 flats in this building. This new application more than doubles that number. It screams of a lack of understanding of local area.

Brook House lies on Cricket Green road – a street with access only at one end.

A planning application submitted by the Date Valley School – which is next to Brook House – for a Saturday school was refused in December last year in no small part because Merton Council’s own Environmental Health team were concerned about traffic volume and associated noise.

We contend that the addition of 46 new flats would add undue pressure to Cricket Green road and have a detrimental effect on the tranquillity of this part of Cricket Green Conservation Area.

Comments on the planning application can be made until 17 March. The application number is 15/PO671 – follow the link to submit your response.

Read our comments on the application to convert Brook House into 46 flats.

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