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The shisha cabins are back!

The plan for eight shisha cabins to be built on Metropolitan Open Land next to the Ravensbury Arms has returned.

The plans were considered “unacceptable” and refused planning permission by Merton Council in August.

The new plans are remarkably similar and deserve short shrift.

We’ve welcomed the restoration of the Ravensbury Arms and it is good to see it being brought back into use. It occupies an important site defining the beginning of the ancient route across Mitcham Common and surrounded on all sides by green space, including the historic Mitcham golf course.

Metropolitan Open Land has the same protection as Green Belt where development is only permitted in “very special circumstance”. This is a most “ordinary” planning application which urbanises protected open land and the developers have made little attempt to respond to earlier objections.

Read our views


Don’t split Mitcham in two – our response to Boundary Commission plans

We have expressed strong opposition to the Boundary Commission’s plans for new Parliamentary constituencies which split Mitcham down the middle.

Mitcham has a long and proud history and a clear identity. This provides an important source of civic pride and social cohesion which in turn helps to address the significant economic, social and environmental challenges of the area.

We share the widespread dismay at proposals to redraw the Parliamentary constituency boundaries in a manner which will divide Mitcham and damage its identity.

The proposed boundary line could not be more inappropriate.

Among other impacts it will:

  • Divide Upper from Lower Mitcham
  • Separate Mitcham from its Common
  • Split Three Kings Pond from Three Kings Piece
  • Cut across Mitcham Cricket Green Conservation Area

We have supported the Mitcham Society’s petition for a more sensible outcome and asked that any future proposals put Mitcham at the heart of its Parliamentary constituency and avoid damage to its coherence and identity.

Read our submission – parliamentary boundary commission proposals