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Mitcham Cricket Green Community and Heritage is the civic society for Mitcham Cricket Green Conservation Area and its environs.  We take an active interest in the future of the area and membership is open to all.

We get involved in a wide range of activity and work with other local groups and the London Borough of Merton.  We care for our local heritage, support community involvement and encourage people to make use of the area for recreation and leisure.

We are active in many different ways and we:

  • Bring local people together through our monthly open meetings
  • Campaign on important planning and other issues
  • Support Mitcham Cricket Club
  • Take practical steps to look after the area
  • Promote and celebrate Cricket Green, including
    • Organising Mitcham Heritage Day in September
    • Participating in Heritage Open days, Civic Day and the Mitcham Carnival
  • Work in partnership with other local organisations and Merton Council
  • Promote Cricket Green and our activities locally through our web site, Twitter and a free bulletin
  • Are part of the national civic movement through membership of Civic Voice

Our Cricket Green Charter was produced following a public workshop involving local people, councillors and council officers. It sets out the 21 principles which should be used to inform policies and planning decisions about the future of Cricket Green.

The Canons Lottery project.  We have been working closely with Merton Council since 2012 Lottery project for The Canons. In June 2017 this received over £4 million of Lottery funding, with additional commitments from Merton Council bringing the total investment to £5 million. If you want to get involved please email us. 

Read our regular newsletters for more information on our work.

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