Welcome to the web site of Mitcham Cricket Green Community and Heritage.

Mitcham Cricket Green Community and Heritage is the civic society for Mitcham Cricket Green Conservation Area and its environs.  We take an active interest in the future of the area and membership is open to all.  We have an open meeting on the last Tuesday of every month (except August and December) in the cricket pavilion at 6pm.

We get involved in a wide range of activity and work with other local groups and the London Borough of Merton.  We care for our local heritage, support community involvement and encourage people to make use of the area for recreation and leisure.

Our activity includes:

  •  walks, talks and open days which celebrate and explore the local area
  • monitoring planning applications and influencing planning and conservation policies
  • mounting campaigns to raise awareness
  • ensuring the long term future of cricket on the ground where it has been played continuously longer than anywhere else in the world
  • working with other local groups, including Mitcham Cricket Club, voluntary organisations and local churches
  • participating in official working groups and other networks
  • raising funds and increasing membership.

We participate in London Open House every September and celebrate Civic Day in June.

Mitcham Cricket Green Community and Heritage is part of the wider civic movement through membership of the national charity Civic Voice.


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