Mitcham town centre regeneration project gathers steam

We’re excited about new proposals for regenerating Mitcham Town Centre.

Merton council has secured at least £3 million to invest in Mitcham town centre. The focus will be on the Fair Green, with a keen eye on breathing new life into the market, shops and open space as part of the scheme. There is also money to improve roads and transport.

The council is about to start on a major public consultation programme so that local people can influence how the money is spent.

A consultation document will be delivered to the 22,000 homes in the CR4 postcode. Schools, libraries, faith and other groups will also be contacted.

There will be a consultation event on Fair Green on 22, 23 and 24 November.

Visit the Rediscover Mitcham web site today – and watch it for further developments.

1 thought on “Mitcham town centre regeneration project gathers steam

  1. Ann Gillespie

    About time too, looking forward to seeing mitcham being re-developed please remember the three kings pond area, it could be such a beautiful site and a focal point, so much mess around there at present, anything is better than nothing being done, good luck


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