Burn Bullock request for extension of deadline to complete repairs

The sorry saga of the state of the Burn Bullock pub continues.

This listed building is at the heart of Cricket Green and its fate also affects the nearby cricket pavilion as they are both owned by the same person.

After much campaigning Merton Council issued a listed building repair notice in March which set out 34 things that need to be done to put the building in good order.

This specified 3 August as the deadline for the works to be complete.

The owner didn’t start work till July and the deadline has been missed.

Only a fraction of what needs to be done has been completed and some of this is below the standard required.

An application has now been lodged to extend the deadline to the end of the year and we are asking Merton Council to put an end to this foot dragging and take action now to look after the Burn Bullock.

Read our response  on the Burn Bullock extension of LB repair notice – Sep 15

See Merton Council’s detailed response to a question at a full council meeting listing the required work


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