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Plans for flats behind 8 Preshaw Crescent – our response

A planning application has been submitted for the development of 15 flats on the large garden behind 8 Preshaw Crescent. This is in the Conservation Area. The development would be run by Wandle Housing.

While recognising the need for new housing we have serious concerns about the impact of the development on the Conservation Area and nearby homes and streets.  We believe this development:

  • is too large for the site and will intensify development in an already congested area and damage the outlook from neighbouring residences at significant loss to local amenity
  • is blandly designed and lacking the quality needed for its Conservation Area location
  • is effectively a gated community which doesn’t provide any access between Harwood Avenue and Russell Road and will result in the loss of important green space where mature trees have already been removed without permission
  • will be impossible to access during construction via Russell Road and Glebe Path without unacceptable impacts on local residents from construction traffic (from 7.30am), parking restrictions and disturbance. Construction will be via an entrance in Russell Road
  • will add to existing parking and access difficulties in Harwood Avenue, Love Lane, Russell Road and Glebe Path because the long term access for residents, servicing, rubbish collection and emergency vehicles to the new flats will be from Harwood Avenue

If you share our concerns then you can write to Merton Council at by 5th June at the very latest expressing your views.

You will need to quote reference 16/P1456 and provide your name and address. All the background information about this development (reference 16/P1456) can be found here

Read our full response to this application – Land behind Preshaw Crescent – May 16

Preshaw Crescent

Cricketers Pub plans rejected by council

The latest controversial plan to redevelop the Cricketers for flats was unanimously rejected once again by Merton Council’s Planning Applications Committee on 23rd May.  The councillors should take a bow.  Once again they have stood up for high design standards and rejected their own officers advice to grant permission.

The Cricketers site has seen at least six different developments in the last six years – the latest plans are at the bottom right at the bottom of the screen.

This is a unique island site in the heart of Mitcham Cricket Green Conservation Area opposite the oldest cricket ground in the world and alongside the wonderful Vestry Hall.  It demands the highest quality of development and this was not achieved by the latest proposals.

Merton Council’s Design Review Panel reviewed the plans and could not be clearer.  It gave them a Red rating – exactly the same as it had given earlier proposals. Among many criticisms the Panel identifies that the proposals do “not bear any relationship to the form of Vestry Hall” and concluded that there is “a considerable amount of further work needed to make the building of the quality it should be in this prominent location.”

The plans were not of the outstanding quality required to meet the legal need to “preserve or enhance” the Conservation Area  – the revised design was lazy, derivative and lacks any distinction. The decision by councillors has wider implications for other parts of Merton faced by insensitive development applications.  Merton councillors have shown their mettle and demanded better.

We wait to see if the developers go to appeal.

Cricketers proposals Mar 2016

Former Bull public house new front wall – our comments

The redevelopment of the former Bull public house has been taking some time.

We’ve been pleased with some of the work and welcomed the inclusive approach of the owner who has involved us in discussions.

The loss of the distinctive yellow tiles at the front has been a disappointment, and the latest twist is a plan for a wall and railings on the Church Road pavement.

We think this will upset sight lines along Church Road and obscure the historic frontage and have objected.

Read our comment Bull front wall – May 16.


Grade I listed Eagle House threatened by new development

Merton has only three Grade I listed structures and two of them are in Mitcham – Eagle House and its associated gates, railings and wall.

Their setting is now at risk thanks to new development plans for the neighbouring former Holborn Workhouse site.

The new plans for 36 flats in a new building and through conversion of the locally listed former school house are much improved on an earlier scheme which would have razed the site.

Nevertheless we think Eagle House deserves more than being next to the refuse collection and bike racks for the new flats and the design could be made more sympathetic.

This area of Mitcham town centre has suffered terribly from shoddy development and with a bit more effort this could be a scheme to be proud of.

Read our submitted comment 226 London Road redevelopment – May 16

See the full planning application at Merton Council’s web site here

Find out how to make your own comments here

Build-first-ask-later planning application for 39 Mitcham Park – our objection

The latest example of build-first ask-later development is coming to a decision soon at 39 Mitcham Park.

The former ballet school has been gutted, it’s trees and hedges removed, its garden paved, its wooden sash windows stripped out and poor quality bed sits installed – all without planning permission.

We alerted Merton Council’s enforcement team along with appalled local residents and a retrospective planning application has been submitted.

The development deserves rapid refusal and immediate enforcement action.

Read our comments: Mitcham Park #39 – May 2016

All the details relating to this planning application can be found at Merton Council’s web site here and information on how to make your own comments is here.