Plans for flats behind 8 Preshaw Crescent – our response

A planning application has been submitted for the development of 15 flats on the large garden behind 8 Preshaw Crescent. This is in the Conservation Area. The development would be run by Wandle Housing.

While recognising the need for new housing we have serious concerns about the impact of the development on the Conservation Area and nearby homes and streets.  We believe this development:

  • is too large for the site and will intensify development in an already congested area and damage the outlook from neighbouring residences at significant loss to local amenity
  • is blandly designed and lacking the quality needed for its Conservation Area location
  • is effectively a gated community which doesn’t provide any access between Harwood Avenue and Russell Road and will result in the loss of important green space where mature trees have already been removed without permission
  • will be impossible to access during construction via Russell Road and Glebe Path without unacceptable impacts on local residents from construction traffic (from 7.30am), parking restrictions and disturbance. Construction will be via an entrance in Russell Road
  • will add to existing parking and access difficulties in Harwood Avenue, Love Lane, Russell Road and Glebe Path because the long term access for residents, servicing, rubbish collection and emergency vehicles to the new flats will be from Harwood Avenue

If you share our concerns then you can write to Merton Council at by 5th June at the very latest expressing your views.

You will need to quote reference 16/P1456 and provide your name and address. All the background information about this development (reference 16/P1456) can be found here

Read our full response to this application – Land behind Preshaw Crescent – May 16

Preshaw Crescent