Date Valley School proving to be a bad neighbour

Date Valley School is located at the end of one of the most characterful streets in Merton.

Cricket Green road is a cul-de-sac framing the historic cricket ground and lined with listed and locally listed buildings.

The travel demands of a school in such a sensitive location were always going to be problematic and so it has proved.

The school has a travel plan which bars parents from driving up to drop off and collect children and it encourages a walking train from The Canons.

It is honoured only in the breach. Major parking problems along Cricket Green and in Chatsworth Place are a more than daily occurrence during term time, including fly parking, obstruction of residential spaces, flagrant breaches of the school travel plan and illegal parking on private land alongside a failure to enforce the parking restrictions introduced when the school opened.

We also have regular reports of verbal abuse being levelled at local residents who challenge drivers in breach of the school travel plan and the police have needed to attend incidents which have arisen.

Despite this Date Valley School has applied for planning permission to open on Saturdays till 1.00pm and to extend its hours of activity into weekday evenings.

A similar proposal was turned down by Merton Council in 2014.  We believe the boundary of acceptability has already been crossed and an extension of hours will make an already intolerable situation worse.  The application should be refused.

Read our comments on this application.