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Local Plan scrutiny begins

Merton Council’s new planning blueprint is about to be subject to independent examination by Government appointed inspectors.

This will review a range of topics in a series of hearing at the Civic Centre. The hearings begin on 14 June and are expected to run well into the autumn. They will be open to the public to attend as observers.

We’ve written before about how important the Local Plan is for Mitcham.

The Inspectors have already highlighted serious issues noting “A number of the representations made also highlight drafting errors such as incorrect policy numbers, incomplete sentences, and missing text along with potential factual errors. These matters are exacerbated by a lack of integration in the Plan’s presentation and a lack of clarity as to how the chapters relate to one another. Overall, the Plan therefore reads in a somewhat fragmented and disjointed manner and the strategy is therefore challenging to understand and follow.” We are pleased that these issues are finally getting the attention they deserve.

Topics to be covered at the hearings include the overall vision, tall buildings, green space and the development of sites including Benedict Wharf, Mitcham Gasworks, Wilson Hospital, and Merton Council’s own plans for The Canons nursery and Raleigh Gardens car park. It is also an opportunity to restate the case for Mitcham to be recognised as a village.

We’ve asked to speak on five key issues and you can read our latest submissions below.