We are still waiting for ward councillors to commit to protect Mitcham Cricket Green Conservation Area

We have been forced to write for a third time to our three ward councillors asking them to formally commit to protecting the Cricket Green Conservation Area. Our councillors have failed make this vitally important commitment despite our request for it in two earlier open letters.

We have published all our previous correspondence.

Below is a copy of our latest letter.

Dear Councillors

It is over seven weeks since my letter of 3 January asking you to commit to protecting Cricket Green Conservation Area following the decision to grant consent for two floodlit sports pitches in the Canons’ grounds. We have not had the courtesy of an acknowledgement or a reply. Your letter in response to our original request singularly failed to address the issues we raised. This correspondence is on our website.

We have asked you to commit yourselves publicly to protection of Mitcham Cricket Green Conservation Area and to resisting all development that fails to enhance its special qualities. We have also asked you to let us know what you are doing to ensure (a) floodlights are not on till 9.45pm seven days a week and (b) local people will be guaranteed access to the new facilities at affordable rates. Both of these issues are determined by Merton Council.

Are we to understand that you do not believe a response is necessary on any of these points? If so then we can only conclude that you do not wish to protect the Conservation Area or support the Cricket Green Charter.

We look forward to your reply within a fortnight.

Yours sincerely

John Strover
Mitcham Cricket Green Community and Heritage


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