Our Civic Day walk on 21 June a great success

Thanks to everyone who joined us on 21 June for our Civic Day walk.

We marked Civic Day this year with a visit to the Cricket Pavilion and a walk around the greens and open spaces of Cricket Green, giving local people a chance to talk about and make input to two Heritage Lottery Fund (HLF) bids being prepared by Merton Council:

  • Parks for People. This bid will focus on Canons house and grounds, and will be aimed at encouraging more people to use the area, finding a use for Canons house and understanding what makes the area special.
  • Townscape Heritage. This bid will focus on Cricket Green, London Road and Church Road. It is based around key buildings such as the Cricket Pavilion and Burn Bullock, and the ‘streetscape’.

If successful these bids could bring millions of pounds into the area.

We are working closely with the project manager, who is employed by Merton Council, as well as with the Mitcham Society, Friends of the Canons and Mitcham Cricket Club, to help these bids be a success.

There is still time to have your say on the bids – but be quick – the consultation period has technically come to an end. Squeeze your response in by filling in the response form at the bid web site http://www.canonspartnership.org.uk


Civic Day 21 June 2014 1
Civic Day 21 June 2014 3Civic Day 21 June 2014 2Civic Day 21 June 2014 7Civic Day 21 June 2014 6Civic Day 21 June 2014 5Civic Day 21 June 2014 4

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