Burn Bullock on national Heritage at Risk Register

Burn BullockThe Burn Bullock has been added to the national Heritage at Risk Register.

This is maintained by English Heritage and records the listed historic buildings and structures across England which are most at risk from being lost or irrevocably damaged.

It is pleasing that the community campaign to save this much loved building from neglect has won national recognition but salutary to consider the challenge of putting things right.

Mitcham Cricket Green Community & Heritage is continuing to campaign to save the Burn Bullock and secure the future of the historic cricket pavilion. Join up if you want to get involved.

The Burn Bullock’s entry on the Heritage at Risk Register is here.

1 thought on “Burn Bullock on national Heritage at Risk Register

  1. Audrey King

    Have you noticed that the cars for sale have been removed from behind the Burn Bullock but that there are now cars for sale in the front of the old pub next to the Vestry Hall

    Audrey King


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