Yet another planning application for Cricketers Pub

Yet another planning application has surfaced for the Cricketers Pub. This one requests permission to demolish the pub and build a partly two story and partly three story building to provide 11 homes.

It comes despite the owner of the Cricketers already having two planning permissions to develop the existing building.

One of these, granted in February 2014, gives the owner permission to convert the existing building with the upper floor becoming three flats and the ground floor becoming some sort of retail or office.

The other permission was granted in May 2013 and is to convert the existing building into seven self contained flats.

We have asked Merton Council to refuse the new planning application on a number of grounds, and our comments are detailed and comprehensive. They refer to both Merton Council’s own Core Strategy policies, and to the National Planning Policy Framework.

In a nutshell, we feel the proposed building is inappropriate to the site. Significant comments made by planning inspectors when they refused previous proposals for new buildings on appeal are just as applicable this time and have not been addressed.

We are also concerned that the proposed room sizes do not meet the minimum required by the London Plan.

Read our comments on the Cricketers Pub redevelopment March 2015.

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