General Election 2017 – our questions to candidates

We have asked all six candidates standing for election in Mitcham and Morden a series of questions about the local area.

Q1 What is your most important priority for improving the quality of life in Cricket Green?

Q2 Do you support the Cricket Green Charter and how will you use it in your work as a Member of Parliament?

Q3 Are you committed to protecting Mitcham Cricket Green Conservation Area (designated by London Borough of Merton in 1969) and will you make representations on planning applications for development that fails to enhance its special qualities?

Q4 What will you do to help provide legal security for Mitcham Cricket Club and its pavilion (registered as Merton’s first asset of community value) to continue the 333 year old tradition of cricket being played on the Green?

Q5 What will you do to ensure the listed Burn Bullock is removed from the national Heritage at Risk register and other listed buildings (such as the White Hart) don’t join it?

Q6 How do you think the redevelopment of the Wilson Hospital and its grounds can best respect the historic site and provide for the needs of the local community?

Q7 What is your favourite place in or memory of Mitcham Cricket Green Conservation Area?

All the candidates have replied and their full, unedited, responses are in the document below.

General Election 2017 – candidate responses