Local Elections 2018 – our questions to candidates

The Local Elections on 3rd May are important for Cricket Green. How
Merton Council is run makes a real difference to our neighbourhood and
with two long-standing ward councillors standing down there are sure to
be changes to personnel whatever the result.

We are therefore asking questions of all eleven candidates from the five
parties who are standing for Cricket Green ward. We plan to publish
these by the end of April so you can go to the polls in the knowledge of
what the candidates think about some of the issues that matter locally.

Our questions are:

1 What is your most important priority for improving the quality of life
in Cricket Green?

2 Do you support the Cricket Green Charter and how will you use it in
your work for Cricket Green Ward ?

3 How will you demonstrate your commitment to protecting Mitcham Cricket
Green Conservation Area and its environs?

4 What will you do to help secure a long term future for Mitcham Cricket
Club and its pavilion?

5 What are your priorities for Merton’s new Local Plan?

6 How do you think the development of the Wilson Hospital and its
grounds can best respect the historic site and provide for the needs of
the local community?

7 What will you do to ensure Mitcham’s registered Town Greens are better
managed and kept free of litter?

8 What is your favourite place in Mitcham Cricket Green Conservation Area?

Watch out for the answers.