Cricket Green Charter published

We launched the Cricket Green Charter at the Mitcham Community Forum on 15 April. 

This was developed through the Tune In Cricket Green workshop with local residents, organised in partnership with Merton Council and our local ward councilors.  The full report of the workshop is now available and can be downloaded here

The 21 point Charter sets out our ambitions for the future of Cricket Green for the first time.  We want it to be used to guide all future policies and planning decisions.

The rich story of Cricket Green told through its buildings, open spaces and people should set the standard and makes development in the area a privilege.

The Charter asks that all development is required to show how it matches up to the quality of Cricket Green and contributes positively to its future. We look forward to working with Merton Council and others to bring it to life.

You can read the Cricket Green Charter here.

4 thoughts on “Cricket Green Charter published

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