Galvanised steel fencing along Willow Lane wholly inappropriate

If you read our earlier post about the Council opening up Willow Lane to traffic you will know that we are concerned by the impact on this semi-rural lane of the new kerbs, yellow lines and a remarkable 26 (yes – 26!) new road signs.

We posted some photos of the works at our Flickr site

And we made a formal response which you can find here.

We have now made a new representation which focuses specifically on the plan to erect 2.5m high galvanised steel fencing along the edges of Willow Lane.

Not only are the proposals unclear on where this fencing is to be placed (though three different areas are suggested), we believe such fencing is wholly inappropriate for the semi rural setting and totally wrong for the border of Mitcham Common.

These photos illustrate the newly opened up Willow Lane and the kind of fencing  which is proposed.

Willow lane fencing photos April 2013

Read our response on the fencing in full here.

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