Wilson Health Centre extension of temporary planning permission – our comments

The Wilson Health Centre, which is adjacent to the Wilson Hospital, has put in a planning application to extend its ability to stay at its current location.

This has come about because the original planning permission was time limited with a view to the Health Centre moving into the Mitcham Local Care Centre when that was built.

However, the Local Care Centre’s development has been beset by delays. There are financial issues and other difficulties which make it difficult to agree a location. Possible sites around Cricket Green include the Wilson Hospital itself and the Birches. Whichever site is not chosen will potentially be available for development (for example housing).

We believe there are also other possible sites for the Local Care Centre, though our repeated efforts to engage with the Clinical Commissioning Group and help it explore the wider implications with the community have been ignored.

We are supporting extension of the planning consent for the Wilson Health Centre providing it addresses issues around excessive lighting which causes serious pollution in this sensitive part of the Conservation Area. This would be consistent with the Council’s Conservation Area Appraisal and Management Plan for Cricket Green and the Cricket Green Charter which was developed jointly by Mitcham Cricket Green Community and Heritage, Merton Council, councillors and local people.

Extension of temporary planning permission for Wilson Health Centre


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