General Election 2019 – candidates respond to our questions

There are six candidates standing in the General Election to represent Cricket Green as part of the Mitcham and Morden Constituency.

Our future MP will have significant influence and so we invited all candidates to respond to ten questions on local issues setting out their views.

Five of the six candidates responded. This is the first time in three General and two Local Elections that we have not received responses from everyone.

As a local charity we are apolitical. We recently set out our priorities in the Cricket Green Charter and candidates were asked to comment on this as well as addressing other issues ranging from the future of the cricket pavilion, Wilson and Benedict Wharf to the climate emergency and ensuring there are more cultural events.

We invite you to consider their views ahead of December 12th.

Read the full and unedited General Election 2019 – candidate responses


Following publication of the candidate responses to our questions we have received a late response from Jeremy Maddocks, the Brexit Party candidate.

Read the full and unedited updated General Election 2019 – final – candidate responses