Local elections 2022 – our Cricket Green questions for candidates

We will have three new ward councillors for Cricket Green following the Local Elections on 5th May. All three incumbents are stepping down, two after a single four year term.

As the local civic society we have asked 10 questions about key local issues of all 11 candidates from the five political parties standing in Cricket Green ward. The questions cover issues including the future of the Wilson, the impact of high rise tower blocks and how Cricket Green can best respond to the climate and ecological emergencies. Candidates have also been asked about how they will secure the future of cricket on the green and protect the Conservation Area. We have also asked how they will support the character of Mitcham Village and ensure swift action on fly tips. Candidates have also shared their favourite places in Cricket Green.

Every political party has responded. We thank them for engaging. Their answers are revealing. As a local charity it is not for us to take sides in the election. The responses speak for themselves and we hope you find them useful. We look forward to working with the successful candidates when they become our ward councillors after the election.

Read the responses to our Cricket Green questions – Local election 2022 – party responses