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Local election candidates respond to our questions about Cricket Green

The local elections on 22 May are important for the future of Cricket Green.

We have asked questions of all 10 candidates standing in Cricket Green ward about their views on key issues. These range from the impact of lorries on Church Road, the future of cricket on the green and their attitude to protection of the Conservation Area from damaging development, light pollution and other threats.

All four political parties have responded and their answers are revealing.

As a local charity it is not for us to take sides in the election.  The responses speak for themselves and we hope you find them useful.

Local election 2014 – all party responses

Local election 2014 – full response from Labour

Local election 2014 – full response from Liberal Democrats

Local election 2014 – full response from Mitcham Independent Party

Local election 2014 – full response from Conservatives

Local election 2014 – questions for candidates

Our Local Election 2014 questions to prospective Cricket Green ward councillors

It’s local election time again and we’re asking all 10 candidates in Cricket Green Ward to answer some key questions.

If elected will they protect the conservation area?

Where do they stand on controlling light pollution and providing affordable access for locals to the new floodlit sports pitches being built in the Canons grounds?

Will they back a ban on lorries in Church Road?

How will they ensure a bright future for Mitcham Cricket Club and its pavilion?

Do they back the Cricket Green Charter drawn up with the local community last year?

And what is their most important priority for improving the quality of life in Cricket Green?

As a local charity we don’t take sides in local elections.  We’re here to hold everyone to account for the good of Cricket Green. Watch out for the responses which we will post online.

Read Local election 2014 – questions for candidates.