Plans to develop Cricket Green School

Back in October last year we sent our comments on plans to develop Cricket Green school to Merton’s planning department. You’ll find the post about that here and it contains a link to the comments themselves.

Our efforts to ensure sensitive changes at Cricket Green School have borne fruit with new proposals coming forward from Merton’s Education department.

These avoid any loss of trees and introduce new and improved railings around some of the boundary.

Given the prominence of the site at an important gateways to Mitcham Cricket Green Conservation Area we remain keen to see uniform railings (rather than the uninspiring fencing that fronts onto the road) around the whole boundary.

We would welcome some simple interpretation of the listed remains of 14th century Hall Place Chapel which lie within the school boundary and lack any information or description.  Our comments on the latest planning application have been submitted to the council. Cricket Green School representation Jan 2013.

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