Mitcham Town Centre plans discussed by councillors

The debate over Mitcham’s town centre reached a crucial stage when it was discussed by Merton Council’s excitingly named Street Management Advisory Committee at the end of January.

Councillors heard passionate calls from local groups and residents to rethink proposals to cut the historic Fair Green in half with a new bus lane.  There was also support to remove Mitcham’s gyratory one way system and relieve the centre from traffic.

We urged Councillors to value Fair Green – the “ace in the pack” for Mitcham’s recovery and keep it open and well cared for.

After a long debate the Committee rejected the bus lane plans while backing the other welcome proposals to improve the look and feel of the town centre.  The decision is only advisory and it will be for Cabinet member Councillor Andrew Judge to decide what happens next.
More consultation is promised in the Spring.

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