Cricketers campaign success

Our long campaign to prevent demolition of the Cricketers pub for new flats has borne fruit with the rejection of two appeals by an independent Inspector. 

This follows an 8 hour planning hearing in January where we gave evidence and months of lobbying. 

The Inspector concluded that both the “contemporary” proposal and the development based on “fake history” would “be detrimental to the character and appearance” of the Conservation Area.  He was very critical of the impact of the “formidable block” which would “conflict with the Vestry Hall in views from Cricket Green” and present a “blocky” aspect to the old fire station.

This is great news.

Getting this result is down to the hard work of everyone involved and the level of support which has been evident throughout from all those who wrote in, spoke about or attended meetings about the proposals.

We will now work with Merton Council and the owners of both the fire station and the Cricketers to find a way forward for the future of this island site that benefits the whole community.

You can read the decision letter here.

2 thoughts on “Cricketers campaign success

  1. Sheila J Madigan

    Walking along Cricket Green Road is very difficult for people pushing a pram and for wheelchairs. There is very little space on the pavement and walking along the road, means dodging cars all the time.


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