Cricket Green Conservation Area boundary walk a great success

To celebrate Civic Day (22 June 2013), Mitcham Cricket Green Community and Heritage organised a walk around the boundary of the Cricket Green Conservation Area.

Even a walk around the edge of the Conservation Area allowed us to look at a large number of fascinating things. For example in our 5 kilometer (3 mile) walk we saw:

  • Mitcham Garden Village. Built in the 1930s to house older people of Mitcham (locally listed)
  • The Wilson Hospital. Built 1928 and with a fabulous facade – and still functioning as a health centre with a GP surgery on site (locally listed)
  • The Parish Church. Built in the early 19th Century and replacing an earlier 13th Century church. (Grade II* listed)
  • The Vestry Hall. An imposing Victorian building on the site of the Mitcham stocks and lock-up. Once the centre of government for Mitcham. When Mitcham  became part of Merton the headquarters moved to Wimbledon for a short time, then to its current location in Morden (locally listed)
  • The Wandle Industrial Museum. A fascinating local museum that’s just celebrated its 30th year of operation.
  • Milestone. Marking out the distances to local landmarks, and now sadly largely illegible, this is being restored by Mitcham Cricket Green Community and Heritage as one of our Heritage Lottery Funded projects (Grade II listed)
  • Cricket Green. We glimpsed a view of the Cricket Green – the place where cricket has been played longer than any other – more than 300 years!
  • Cold Blows. An ancient trackway whose name gives a clear indication of how it can feel on chilly, windy days.
  • Three Kings Pond and Three Kings Piece. This green is the site of the Mitcham Status Fair – a very historic fair indeed.

Lunch after the walk involved its own element of history as it took place in the Toby Carvery that looks over the News of the World sports ground. The Carvery occupies what was once one of the three Great Houses of Mitcham – the 18th Century Park Place.

In the photo below the happy walkers stand outside a World War II bomb shelter in Mitcham Garden Village.

Mitcham Cricket Green Ward boundary walk Civic Day June 2013 Mitcham Garden Village

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