Date Valley School planning application – our representation

The Date Valley School occupies Mitcham Court on Cricket Green.

The school wants to extend its opening hours Monday to Friday from the current 7.00am – 18.00pm to open much later – 7.00am to 22.00pm. It also wants to open on Saturdays from 8.30am to 5.30pm – it is currently closed on Saturdays. The school is currently a primary school, and wants to expand to offer adult education.

We feel that this is a predominantly residential area in the heart of the Conservation Area and its qualities need to be respected.

There are already many problems from traffic and parking which are being caused by the current intensity of use of the school and these are not being adequately addressed by the school’s travel plan.

There are pressures on the open space, including it being monopolised by the school during the term time and even infractions onto the historic cricket ground. The proposed extension of hours will take these pressures to a new level – into the weekend and outside daylight hours – and cross the boundary of acceptability.

We feel that this development will seriously erode the tranquility of this part of the Conservation Area and impact badly on the amenity of local residents. So we have put in a representation asking that the planning application is refused.

Read our representation: Date Valley School – extension of operating hours and use

2 thoughts on “Date Valley School planning application – our representation

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  2. Audrey King

    It would appear that the consultation period has now expired regarding this application otherwise I would have submitted and objection

    Audrey King


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