Local List – our proposed additions

Merton Council maintains a “local list” of buildings and structures which are of historic interest and add character to the area. We have been pleased to help ensure a clear process for making additions based on input from the local community. This year we are proposing five additions to the local list for Mitcham Cricket Green:

  • Bramcote Court and Parade – a distinctive 1930s residential development in the “moderne” style
  • The Canons walls and well – these impressive structures include examples from both the 18th and 19th century and have been identified as being highly significant in recent investigations of The Canons as part of the ongoing Lottery bid
  • Mitcham running track – the remnants of the cinder track on the former news of the World Sports Ground are the last vestige of a sporting heritage which included the training of Olympic athletes
  • The Canons Lodge lamp stands – these are a distinctive addition to the Lodge which is already locally listed
  • Gas lamp post – this elegant cast iron structure stands opposite The White Hart as a reminder of the days before electric street lamps and dates to the 1850s.

See the full Local List at Merton Council’s web site

Local list proposals 160825 Bramcote Court and ParadeLocal list proposals 160825 The Canons walls and wellLocal list proposals 160825 Mitcham running track Local list proposals 160825 The Canons Lodge lamp stands
Local list proposals 160825 gas lamp post