Proposed flats at 22 Commonside West – our comments

We have objected to the demolition of 22 Commonside West for a three storey block of flats.

This is a prominent site overlooking Three Kings Piece and the existing five bedroom house is officially recognised as making a “positive contribution” to the Conservation Area.

This means there is a presumption that it should be retained unless a new development is of outstanding quality.

Regrettably the replacement flats are poorly designed, too large and derivative. Instead of adding to the area they simply ape the contemporary design of the new housing at 18 Commonside West.

It would set a dangerous precedent to allow this development as more and more proposals to demolish Mitcham homes for flats would follow.

Our comments – Commonside West 22 – demolition for flats – Sep 16.

If you share our concerns then let Merton Council know by writing to and quoting application number 16/P2966. You can get more information on the development by putting this application number into Merton Council’s Planning Explorer.

Commonside West 22 - demolition for flats - Sep 16