39 Mitcham Park – why we want enforcement action

39-mitcham-park-constructionThe latest proposals involving 39 Mitcham Park provide the clearest example of why it is important for Merton Council to resource and prioritise enforcement action.

The former ballet school is one of a number of fine houses in this important part of the Conservation Area.

Without any permission the owners have clear trees from the garden, built an incongruous two storey extension, paved over the front, installed wholly inappropriate windows and kitted out the house to be used for flats.

Planning permission was refused back in May for converting it to flats and now we have a new application seeking to get permission  for the extension over a year after it was built.

Enough is enough.

We are asking Merton Council to give the latest application short shrift and to take urgent enforcement action that requires the owners to demolish the extension, restore the house and replant the trees.

Our comments mitcham-park-39-october-2016

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