18 Commonside West upward extension would damage design of contemporary flats

The controversial demolition of 18 Commonside West and its redevelopment as a block of flats is a rare example of adequate contemporary design in new building in the Conservation Area.

It is all the more disappointing, therefore, to be faced with new plans to increase its height that have been put forward by the developers of the much less successful scheme at 22 Commonside West.

We believe the current building sits easily in its surroundings and the new one shows a fundamental lack of respect for its context.

The proposed scheme is much higher and does not relate well to the neighbouring 1930s houses. It is also disingenuous for the applicants to suggest that the proposals responds well to 22 Commonside West when this was constructed later and is, in our view, a much less successful scheme.

We have asked Merton Council to reject the plans.

Read our representation – Commonside West 18 – Mar 19.