Kwik Fit redevelopment unfit for Conservation Area

A new developer has put in plans to redevelop the former Kwik Fit site.

This has lain empty for years now and we are keen to see it developed in a way that respects its location at the gateway to the Conservation Area and in key views from the historic cricket ground and listed Burn Bullock.

Merton Council gave permission for 22 flats in 2016 for a shockingly poor development that led us to call for the site’s removal from the Conservation Area. With a new owner the site provides an opportunity for a flagship building of a standard which could be listed within 30 years.

The new application falls woefully short of this potential.

Its five storeys will overwhelm surrounding buildings and intrude on existing homes in Broadway Gardens and Highfield Court. The building will be a significant imposition on the key view from Mitcham cricket ground and damage its setting and that of the Grade II listed Burn Bullock by virtue of its scale and the poor quality elevation facing London Road.

In direct conflict with planning policy none of the 24 flats will be affordable. The developer backs this decision with reports claiming the scheme wouldn’t be viable. We have asked Merton Council to subject these to independent review.

The development includes over 400 sq m on the ground floor for retail or commercial use. This is welcome. The developer says it is in in talks with the Co-op. Similar talks with the same supermarket fell through over the road at Justin Plaza when this was converted from offices to flats. As a result we ended up with more flats on the ground floor. We have asked Merton Council to ensure the ground floor is put to good use before any flats are sold if the development does get permission.

The development has come forward at the same time as plans for 19 flats and around half the area of retail or office space on the ground floor on the car wash site across Broadway Gardens.  Taken together the plans will means Broadway Gardens residents being forced to pass through a canyon of new building to get to their homes and an excessively high wall of new development along a major stretch London Road just where it enters the Conservation Area.

These are both sites where development is needed and we are disappointed to find ourselves once again having to object to what is proposed. A high quality development of three to four storeys with shops on the ground floor to fill this gap in London Road would be very suitable.

Neither developer has engaged the local community before submitting their plans. We are asking for better for both sites and the opportunity for local people to shape what is going to happen to their neighbourhood.

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