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New Mitcham Bridge falls short

We have written before about the opportunity presented by Merton Council’s plans for a new Mitcham Bridge across the Wandle. This will replace a 260 year old crossing and a new bridge is a rare and special event.

Working with Mitcham Society and Wandle Valley Forum we have tried hard to influence the plans and offered to support Merton Council in providing historic interpretation. We have also engaged in the limited public consultation opportunities which have been provided where two different options were presented late on in the design process.

Unfortunately Merton Council has chosen not to respond and has now decided to proceed with the option not chosen by the public.

The resulting bridge is of generic design. It also fails to meet official standards for cycling. The plans will result in the loss of open space to highway and require the felling of mature trees and the demolition of an historic wall protecting Ravensbury Park from visual, noise and air pollution caused by traffic on the A217.

More than half those responding to the public consultation favoured a design which combined brickwork with railings, sympathetic to the site’s heritage and protecting the Wandle from pollution and litter. Merton Council’s Design Review Panel provided sharp criticism of the plans when awarding it an Amber rating.

After many delays Merton Council is now pushing ahead at speed. It will have decided on contractors to build the bridge even before its Planning Applications Committee has decided whether to give the green light and the short gap between the planning application being submitted and the expected decision is something private developers can only dream of.

We’re asking Merton Council to rethink the plans. A replacement bridge is urgently needed but it needs to stand the test of time. We believe a better approach is possible which engages the National Trust and other local landowners in finding the long term solution this historic crossing deserves.

Read our full response with Mitcham Society and Wandle Valley Forum to the planning application for a replacement Mitcham Bridge Mitcham Bridge – application

Replacing Mitcham Bridge

Mitcham Bridge on Bishopsford Road is the historic gateway to Mitcham across the River Wandle.

You can still see the remains of the old ford on the upstream side. It is located in an important green corridor linking Ravensbury Park and the National Trust’s Watermeads and supports the Wandle Trail.

It is a year since the bridge was closed by flooding while repair works were underway.

Eight months later Merton Council decided that the only way forward was to demolish and build a new bridge. Demolition is underway and Merton Council invited comments on two options for the design of the new parapets last month. We have teamed up with Wandle Valley Forum and Mitcham Society to respond.

The future of Mitcham Bridge is much more important than the design of its parapets.

It is an historic location and it is important that this heritage is recognised and protected. The current bridge carries parish markers as the river is the parish boundary. We have asked that these are incorporated into the new bridge.

There are opportunities for interpretation to tell the story of the area and we’ve offered to work with Merton Council on a project to deliver this.

The works also provide an opportunity to better connect Ravensbury Park and the new bridge should support a wider pavement and make space for those on bikes.

Crossing the new Mitcham Bridge should be an event. We’re asking Merton Council to be more creative and recognise the Wandle through some public art, such as images of a heron or trout rendered in decorative wrought iron railings.

We’ve asked Merton Council to demonstrate how the new bridge will meet the legal requirement to preserve and enhance Wandle Valley Conservation Area. It also needs to support the Catchment Management Plan for the Wandle by enhancing the river’s natural flow, naturalising its banks. reducing shadowing, benefiting wildlife and protecting the water from pollution and silt.

Building a new bridge is a rare and special event. We deserve the best for Mitcham.

Take a look at our joint submission – Bishopsford Road bridge.