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It’s official – Mitcham cricket pavilion is a community asset

Mitcham cricket pavilion is locally listed and a wonderful example of a building of its time.

Opened in 1904 it is undoubtedly an important heritage asset. Do come along and have a look inside on Mitcham Heritage Day on 14th September.

The cricket pavilion’s true value, however, lies in the community role it plays. It supports Mitcham Cricket Club and the continuing story of the game being played on the oldest cricket ground in the world. This is turn adds immensely to the sense of civic pride in Cricket Green and literally defines our identity.

This is why we were pleased to secure Mitcham cricket pavilion at Merton’s first registered asset of community value in 2014 and we are delighted that the registration has just been renewed for another five years following our application.

The renewal affirms the the vital contribution the pavilion makes to the local community at a time when its future is uncertain.

The pavilion shares ownership with the Burn Bullock, a nationally listed building which has declined to the point where it is on the national Heritage at Risk register. We have seen stop/start plans for both new flats and then a hotel for the rear car park and there is now talk of a care home being built. It remains unclear whether this will impact on the land occupied by the pavilion which includes essential storage and garaging facilities for the equipment needed to care for the cricket square.

Everyone agrees that the cricket pavilion is an essential community asset. This has now been officially reconfirmed. Now we need to work with Merton Council and Mitcham Cricket Club to ensure control of the pavilion is transferred to the local community as a condition of any planning permission to develop other parts of the Burn Bullock site.

Our open letter to the owner of the Burn Bullock pub and cricket pavilion

Our Chair and the Chair of Mitcham Cricket Club have jointly published an open letter to the owner of the Burn Bullock pub. This comes in response to an article in the Wimbledon Guardian.

Our letter was published in the Guardian on 27 November 2014, and it can be found at the Guardian website as a letter to the editor: Words do not match actions over historic Burn Bullock pub. The full text of the letter follows.


We were interested to read of Kamran Baig’s plans for the Burn Bullock and Mitcham cricket pavilion (Hotel plan for former pub, November 6).

You were right to say that the pub is ‘dilapidated’. This is the direct result of Mr Baig’s inaction – some might say wilful neglect – over many years. It is truly shocking that the owner of this Grade II listed building has allowed it to fall into such a state of disrepair that it was put on the 2014 Heritage at Risk register by English Heritage last month.

Mr Baig has consistently ignored not only local people but also notices served on him by Merton Council, and has run illegal car wash and car sales businesses from the pub’s car park – activity which was stopped by yet further action by Merton Council.

We have made numerous approaches to Mr Baig to discuss both the Burn Bullock and the Cricket Pavilion. He says he wishes to engage and then never follows up.

If he did, he would learn that there are compelling reasons why building a new cricket pavilion on the green is a non starter and hear about our exciting ideas for making even better use of the pavilion which he might like to support.

The pavilion is the first building to be registered by Merton Council as an asset of community value and it should be treasured.

We are working hard with Merton Council to achieve this with the support of the Heritage Lottery Fund.

As owner of the Cricket Pavilion Mr Baig has never provided the cricket club with a proper lease.

Does he prefer to keep the home of the oldest cricket ground in the world in constant uncertainty about its future?

Mr Baig, we would love to talk. Give us a call. You say you want to and you know where we are.

John Strover, Chair, Mitcham Cricket Green Community & Heritage

Peter White-Young, Chair, Mitcham Cricket Club

Free guided walk and tea in the cricket pavilion on 20 September for Open House London

The Cricket Pavilion on Cricket Green will be open to the public between 10.00am and 4.30pm on Saturday 20th September as part of this year’s Open House London event.

The pavilion is locally listed and was built in 1904. It is packed with cricketing memorabilia.

Mitcham Cricket Club’s young players will put on a cricket match, and in the pavilion there will be an exhibition about Mitcham Cricket Club in World War I.

There will be refreshments and you can take tea on the pavilion balcony while watching the cricket.

At 2.30pm there will be a free guided walk taking in the diverse buildings and landscape within the Cricket Green Conservation Area.

All the details are on our Open House 2014 poster.

Cricket pavilion open, guided walk and six a side competiton celebrating Open House London, 21 September

We are delighted to be opening the Cricket Pavilion for this year’s Open House London weekend on 21 September.

Please join us at the cricket pavilion on Mitcham Cricket Green.

  • Free access to the 1904 cricket pavilion with its stunning views across the cricket green and great collection of local cricketing memorabilia
  • Special display about the cricketers listed on the Ruff Memorial Stone
  • Refreshments. Take tea on the balcony and soak up the atmosphere
  • A six a side cricket competition between multi-age sides from Mitcham Cricket Club starting at 11am and going on all day
  • A free guided walk around the Cricket Green area starting at 11:30am

The cricket pavilion will be open from 10:00am to 5:00pm.

Full details including how to get there are on our poster.


Save our assets

One of our latest projects is to identify the buildings and open spaces in the area which are most valued by the local community. We are keen to take advantage of the new legal protection which has been introduced under the “community right to bid”.

Where local assets are included on a register held by the local council this means they can’t be sold off without the local community being given time to come up with some alternative proposals.

We’ve already identified the cricket pavilion and the fire station as early contenders. Neither is currently owned by the community and both are at risk.

We’ve included our ideas on a website gathering examples across the country and you can see the fire station here and the cricket pavilion here.

Let us know which other buildings or open space you think we should be campaigning for. Contact us at the usual address: info@mitchamcricketgreen.org.uk

Fantastic London Open House event at the cricket pavilion

What a fantastic time we had today opening the cricket pavilion for London Open House Weekend.

The pavilion is usually used by members of the Mitcham Cricket Club (the other MCC!) and their guests, but today it was opened to the public free of charge.

We ran a couple of special events at the same time. Local author Keith Booth, a Surrey and England cricket scorer, signed copies of his book “Lives In Cricket: Tom Richardson – A Bowler Pure and Simple” before dashing off to take part in a cricket match.

Meanwhile a specially organised walk around the Cricket Green took in some local historic sights and culminated in a tea in the pavilion.

We also had a display of historic photographs and a rolling slideshow of interesting information about the pavilion and the cricket club.

Not to mention tea and cakes on tap!

We had lots of visitors, both local and from further afield. All in all a very good day.

You can see the photos we took on the day at our Flickr site here.