Monthly Archives: October 2013

Merton Community Plan launched – we’re proud to be featured

Merton has launched its new Community Plan. This is the overarching strategic plan of the Merton Partnership. It sets out the partnership’s long term vision and priorities for the borough up until 2019.

The magazine style publication presents the results of research into what people want to see in Merton, and looks at the work of various organisations and individuals, highlighting how voluntary and community activity benefits the whole borough.

We’re delighted that Mitcham Cricket Green Community and Heritage has a slot on the page that’s specifically about Mitcham.

You can download the full community plan for yourself from Merton Council’s web site.

MCGC&H in Community Plan Merton Community Plan cover

Why we are objecting to a canopy on Fair Green

We have put in a formal objection to Merton Council’s plans for a large canopy on Fair Green.

This is one of a number of developments planned for Fair Green over the coming months as part of the Rediscover Mitcham programme.

It is shocking that this application has been submitted before the Rediscover Mitcham plans have been formally agreed by the Council.

We have also asked Merton’s planners to reject it on the grounds of the lack of detail in the documents that make up the planning application.

We also think that it is wrong to consider one part of a much wider set of proposals in isolation from all the rest.

The proposed structure is unduly intrusive, poorly designed and over-size.  It would cause significant harm to the valued and historic open space of Fair Green.

We have seen no evidence that Merton Council will invest in long term maintenance and fear extra costs will fall on market traders. The canopy also risks becoming a place for rough sleeping and anti-social behaviour.

We believe the focus should be on an alternative strategy which invests in the existing market and local businesses through grassroots community activity that will meet the desired objectives for regenerating Mitcham town centre more effectively.

Read our response in full