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Proposed additions to the Local List – our comments

Merton Council has proposed a number of additions to the Local List and there is currently a public consultation on the proposals.

The Local List brings together buildings and other structures which make an important contribution to the local scene or which are valued for their local historical associations and which are not included in the national list maintained by English Heritage.

Proposed additions for Mitcham are:

  • The cart dip at Three Kings Pond, Mitcham
  • War Memorial, Lower Green West, Mitcham
  • War memorial, Mitcham Parish Church
  • Gravestones (wargraves) Mitcham Parish Church
  • Stone monument, Mitcham Parish Churchyard

We support all these proposed additions.

Read our comments on proposed additions to the Local List.

Please make your own comments by taking part in the consultation, which ends on 9th March 2015.

See the Local List at Merton Council’s web site.


St Peter & Paul Catholic Church planning application for a parish hall

St Peter & Paul Catholic Church has put in a planning application for a parish hall behind the church.

We have made a formal response to this application.

We’re broadly in support, and our comments concentrate on ensuring the hall and its uses are sensitive to the surrounding environment and people who live locally.

Read our comments on St Peter & Paul Catholic Church planning application for a parish hall


Community wins protection for Mitcham cricket pavilion

Mitcham Cricket Club pavilionMerton Council has officially recognised the historic Mitcham cricket pavilion as an “asset of community value”. This is in response to our application and it is the first community asset to be recognised in this way anywhere in Merton. Over 1,000 buildings, open spaces, pubs and other community assets have been recognised by local authorities across England since the new powers to protect community assets were introduced in 2011.

The cricket pavilion has been at the heart of the local community since it was built in 1904 – supporting cricket on the ground where it has been played continuously longer than anywhere else in the world. The effect of placing it on the statutory register of assets of community value is twofold. First, it gives it an important status as a building which is valued by local people when decisions are made about its future or development in the area. Second, any effort to sell the building would trigger a six month moratorium during which time the community could raise the funds and support needed to take over responsibility for the building.

This recognition is especially important as the cricket pavilion faces an uncertain future. Although locally listed it is under the same ownership as the nearby Burn Bullock. This has fallen on hard times and is subject to enforcement action against illegal car sales and the decay of the listed building. Securing a future for the cricket pavilion is an urgent priority and we will be campaigning hard for it to be put under community management.

We will be looking at other buildings and open spaces which are worthy of similar recognition as community assets. Let us know which you most value in the Cricket Green area.

Our Civic Day walk on 21 June a great success

Thanks to everyone who joined us on 21 June for our Civic Day walk.

We marked Civic Day this year with a visit to the Cricket Pavilion and a walk around the greens and open spaces of Cricket Green, giving local people a chance to talk about and make input to two Heritage Lottery Fund (HLF) bids being prepared by Merton Council:

  • Parks for People. This bid will focus on Canons house and grounds, and will be aimed at encouraging more people to use the area, finding a use for Canons house and understanding what makes the area special.
  • Townscape Heritage. This bid will focus on Cricket Green, London Road and Church Road. It is based around key buildings such as the Cricket Pavilion and Burn Bullock, and the ‘streetscape’.

If successful these bids could bring millions of pounds into the area.

We are working closely with the project manager, who is employed by Merton Council, as well as with the Mitcham Society, Friends of the Canons and Mitcham Cricket Club, to help these bids be a success.

There is still time to have your say on the bids – but be quick – the consultation period has technically come to an end. Squeeze your response in by filling in the response form at the bid web site http://www.canonspartnership.org.uk


Civic Day 21 June 2014 1
Civic Day 21 June 2014 3Civic Day 21 June 2014 2Civic Day 21 June 2014 7Civic Day 21 June 2014 6Civic Day 21 June 2014 5Civic Day 21 June 2014 4

Our Local Election 2014 questions to prospective Cricket Green ward councillors

It’s local election time again and we’re asking all 10 candidates in Cricket Green Ward to answer some key questions.

If elected will they protect the conservation area?

Where do they stand on controlling light pollution and providing affordable access for locals to the new floodlit sports pitches being built in the Canons grounds?

Will they back a ban on lorries in Church Road?

How will they ensure a bright future for Mitcham Cricket Club and its pavilion?

Do they back the Cricket Green Charter drawn up with the local community last year?

And what is their most important priority for improving the quality of life in Cricket Green?

As a local charity we don’t take sides in local elections.  We’re here to hold everyone to account for the good of Cricket Green. Watch out for the responses which we will post online.

Read Local election 2014 – questions for candidates.

We are still waiting for ward councillors to commit to protect Mitcham Cricket Green Conservation Area

We have been forced to write for a third time to our three ward councillors asking them to formally commit to protecting the Cricket Green Conservation Area. Our councillors have failed make this vitally important commitment despite our request for it in two earlier open letters.

We have published all our previous correspondence.

Below is a copy of our latest letter.

Dear Councillors

It is over seven weeks since my letter of 3 January asking you to commit to protecting Cricket Green Conservation Area following the decision to grant consent for two floodlit sports pitches in the Canons’ grounds. We have not had the courtesy of an acknowledgement or a reply. Your letter in response to our original request singularly failed to address the issues we raised. This correspondence is on our website.

We have asked you to commit yourselves publicly to protection of Mitcham Cricket Green Conservation Area and to resisting all development that fails to enhance its special qualities. We have also asked you to let us know what you are doing to ensure (a) floodlights are not on till 9.45pm seven days a week and (b) local people will be guaranteed access to the new facilities at affordable rates. Both of these issues are determined by Merton Council.

Are we to understand that you do not believe a response is necessary on any of these points? If so then we can only conclude that you do not wish to protect the Conservation Area or support the Cricket Green Charter.

We look forward to your reply within a fortnight.

Yours sincerely

John Strover
Mitcham Cricket Green Community and Heritage