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Cricket Green Charter launched

As the 50th anniversary year of Mitcham Cricket Green Conservation Area draws to a close we have published a new Cricket Green Charter.

It sets out principles to be used by everyone involved in policies, investment priorities and decisions about the future of Cricket Green.

The Charter has been prepared following wide consultation with local people, including a public workshop supported by local councillors and Merton Council.

The rich story of Cricket Green told through its buildings, open spaces and people sets the standard for how the area should evolve. Undertaking new development which adds to this story is a privilege and all proposals for change should be required to show how they add positively to Cricket Green’s future.

The Charter identifies green spaces and community assets to be protected, local shopping parades and employment sites to be safeguarded, brownfield sites to be developed and streets and public spaces in need of new investment.

It calls for the highest standards of design with a new design code and an expectation that any development facing one of the greens should be of a quality that could be listed within 30 years.  The major developments planned for the Wilson and Benedict Wharf are identified as priorities for community-led design and proposals made for new routes to make the area easier to walk around.

The Charter calls for an end to the uncertainty over Mitcham cricket pavilion and for it to be transferred into community ownership.

It is also looking for management plans to be prepared for all the green spaces and a programme of tree and hedge planting to reduce air pollution and contribute to tackling the climate emergency.

There is a need for more places to meet and things to see and do, including restoring the historic pubs and providing more cultural events, coffee shops, activities and venues for all parts of the community.

The Charter establishes that Cricket Green should be an affordable location to live and land for custom and self-build homes and a community land trust should be provided.

There is a call for Merton Council to enforce planning controls and deal swiftly with unsightly clusters of estate agent boards and ‘bad neighbour’ activity such as fly tipping, fly posting and illegal parking and advertising.

We hope everyone with an interest in Cricket Green and its environs will support the Cricket Green Charter. If you would like to get involved then please join us and help shape the future of our neighbourhood. 

Cricket Green Charter – for reading online

Cricket Green Charter – to download, print and fold as a leaflet

Cricket Green is changing – how it changes is up to you… exciting event on 7th March to have your say

Tune in – Cricket Green
Thursday 7 March – 3.30-6.30 – Vestry Hall

Cricket Green is changing.  How it changes is up to you…

You are invited to join a fun, free event to help shape how the Cricket Green neighbourhood develops in future.  What should Cricket Green look like? What could happen on development sites?  What makes Cricket Green special to you?  What will make Cricket Green better?

This is a chance for local people to come together to create a vision for Cricket Green that will be heard and respected.  Bring your friends, neighbours and family.  Tune in and get involved.

We are working with Merton Council’s futureMerton team and local councillors to produce a people’s vision for the future that will guide how our neighbourhood develops and changes.  Don’t miss out.

Let us know you are coming or want to keep in touch by emailing info@mitchamcricketgreen.org.uk

More information about the event here.